• Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Keeping up with new changes of up-to-the-minute IT Information Age, Korea Alpha System

Thank you for visiting Korea Alpha System Co., Ltd.

Korea Alpha System Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in video security systems established in 1998 and is keep up with new changes of up-to-the-minute IT Information Age.

We possess license-plate recognition system and object tracking system technology and challenges to lead the future of information and communication by respecting human values with creative and trusted technologies in an information-oriented society of cutting-edge technology convergence.

All executives and staff members will focus on technological development to establish a security and traffic safety system, and we will do our best to become a trusted company through crime prevention and expansion of publicity.

We also aim for customer satisfaction under the motto of creativity, action and trust, and we promise to endeavor to become the greatest company in the world in video security field by continuing to develop and upgrade S/W and H/W with our endless challenging spirit.

Company history

We leave our lead-up mark step by step

Korea Alpha System Co., Ltd. 1998-2022 History

    • 2024 May

      Pre-Star Enterprise Designation

    • Feb

      Banchang City in Thailand MOU signed

    • 2023 Nov

      Minister of SMEs and Startups Commendation Award

    • Jul

      Parking control device and parking settlement method [patent 10-2562135]

      Parking control device and vehicle license plate recognition method[patent 10-2556791]

    • Jun

      Thai Ambassador to Korea's Republic of Korea

    • May

      Pre-Star Enterprise Designation

    • Mar

      Designate performance-sharing companies

    • 2022 Dec

      Certification of family-friendly companies

    • Oct

      Thai local company JES CQTEC MOU signed

      ISO45001 Certification

    • Jul

      Copyright registration(KAS-DeepCut-Center)

    • Jan

      National Railroad Corporation won a commendation for outstanding companies in construction evaluation

    • 2021 Dec

      KC Certification [KAS-SPCS-100]

    • Nov

      CE Certification [ALPARKING V0]

      KC Certification [ALPARKING A2]

    • Sep

      Integrated parking control device and integrated parking control device operation method[patent (No. 10-2307154)]

    • Jun

      Designation of Daegu Regioanal Star Company

    • 2020 Dep

      Daegu metropolitan city mayor Commendation Award

    • Sep

      Parking enforcement device and its operation method using multi vehicle tracking technology [patent (No. 10-2160677)]

    • Aug

      Video detection device and its operation method in children protection zones [patent (No. 10-2145334)]

    • Jul

      University-Industry agreement on early employment contracts and operation with Kyungil University

    • Jun

      KC Certification (KAS-LPR-N400HW, KAS-IRP-P3600)

    • May

      Designation of Small Giant Company

    • Apr

      Moving of Building(Suseong Alpha City)

      Acquisition of Software Quality Certification (GS) No. 20-0158

      KC Certification (KAS-IRB512)

    • 2019 Nov

      Designation of Pre-Star Company in Daegu City

    • Aug

      Designation of SW Convergence Leading Company in Daegu

    • 2018 Sep

      Acquisition of Software Quality Certification (GS) No. 18-0459

    • Sep

      KC Certification (KAS-H2012AZIR, KAS-H2012VAIR, KAS-H320VAIR)

    • 2017 Jun

      Video brightness adjuster and its operation method [patent (No. 10-1749900)]

    • Jun

      Designation of excellent procured license-plate recognition system applied with Image conversion technology (2017094)

    • Apr

      Acquisition of performance certification of license-plate recognition system applied with image conversion technology (No. 13-337)

    • Feb

      KC Certification (KAS-LPR-200HW, KASLPR-2000)

    • 2016 Nov

      Acquisition of Software Quality Certification (GS) No. 16-0405

      KC Certification (KAS-FR203)

    • Oct

      KC Certification (KAS-HRSD300)

    • Aug

      Quality Certification (Q-Mark) (CCTV System)

      Acquisition of KTR test report (CUS2016-5848)

    • Jun

      Acquisition of Software Quality Certification (GS) No. 16-0201

    • Jan

      Monitoring System and its operation method [patent 10-1623920]

    • 2015 Aug

      Acquisition of Software Quality Certification

    • Apr

      Registration of 4 programs other than the Integrated Fault Management System (Eye-VIEW)

    • 2014 Jun

      KC Certification (JC04004-14001)

    • 2013 Jul

      Quality Certification (Q-Mark) (License-Plate Reader)

    • 2012 Aug

      Patent for multiple object recognition device and its method (No. 10-1173853)

    • Jun

      Patent for image conversion method for recognition of license plate detected in blind spots (No. 10-1162701)

      Acquisition of certificate for direct production confirmation (software development)

      Acquisition of certificate for direct production confirmation (CCTV)

    • 2011 Jul

      KC Certification (LR500131107AJ)

    • 2010 Jun

      Acquired performance certification for intelligent CCTV system based on vehicle number recognition (No. 13-115)

      Vehicle number recognition information storage system and vehicle image information retrieval system using the system [Patent (No. 10-0968433)]

    • May

      Selected as a consignment installation center for KT icam service installation A/S

    • Apr

      Selected as an excellent partner in the customer part of KT

    • Mar

      Acquired software quality certification (GS) No. 10-0045

    • 2009 Aug

      Registered the Korea Copyright Association's Disability Management System Program

      Registered the CCTV integrated control system program for crime prevention by the Korea Copyright Association

    • Jun

      Selected as an industry-academy joint technology development support business (Yeongjin College)

    • 2008 Oct

      Patented on vehicle speed measurement system and vehicle speed measurement method (No. 10-0863331)

    • Aug

      Patented the vehicle number recognition system and vehicle number recognition method (No. 10-0852683)

    • 2007 Dec

      Increased the capital (Capital 300 million KRW)

    • Oct

      Acquired main biz (management innovation) certification

    • Aug

      Acquired Innobiz (technical innovation) certification

    • Aug

      Certified as a venture business

    • 2006 Oct

      Registered as a Korea CCTV Industry Cooperative

    • Jul

      Established a company-affiliated research institute (Gyeongsangbuk-do Techno Park)

    • 2005 Dec

      Registered as a Cisco reseller MFC

    • Mar

      Registered as a partner company of Korea Honeywell

    • 2004 Nov

      Registered as a Korean surveillance equipment cooperative

    • Apr

      Registered a System Integration business (SI)

    • Mar

      Registered a factory (electronic parts and assembly)

    • 2003 Sep

      Registered as an information and communication construction business

    • Jul

      Increased the capital (Capital 200 million KRW)

    • 2002 Sep

      Developed a receiver with built-in preset function

    • May

      Developed and marketed AnyEye products

    • 2001 May

      Converted to Korea Alpha System CO.,LTD Corporation (Capital 100 million KRW)

    • 1998 Mar

      Established Korea Alpha System

Certificate and patent status

Organization Chart

We’re looking for people who:

  • Creativity A person who takes the initiative and sets an example in creative and enterprising thinking. Activity A person with positive thinking and active coping ability Self-development A person who tries to increase his or her value through continuous self-development. Diligence A person who does his or her best for the assigned tasks with honesty and sincerity.

Hiring Field

  • Hiring process
    • Document screening and review are conducted based on qualifications such as educational background and work experience.
    • The interview is conducted by focusing on determining the specialized and work knowledge required to perform the work.
    • The final successful candidate will be notified by e-mail or by telephone.
  • How to apply
    • Fill out and submit the application form attached below.
    • Documents for submission: a resume (job application form), a copy of resident registration certificate, a career certificate (only those with experience), and a copy of transcript.
    • Submit to: (email application) kasnet@kasnet.co.kr / (mail application) 22, Alphacity 1-ro 31-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea Tel. 053)953-0080
  • Job Application Form If you would like to apply for a job, please download the job application form and send it to us via email.