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License Plate Recognition System License Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition System
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) is called license plate recognition system. The moving vehicle’s license plate is recognized by the video detection technology to obtain an image and is analyzed to extract the plate by classifying the license plate area. It is a system to textualize and store the captured image and extracted data in the DB.
  • Korea Alpha System Co., Ltd. Integrated speed measurement as well as the function to recognize and track objects by expanding its business to provide service of recognizing vehicle information system.
System Overview
  • Highest license plate recognition ratio (98% or higher recognition rate)
  • Detection of all objects, including vehicles (at least 99% or higher detection rate)
  • Wanted, indicted, stolen vehicle registration and quick search
  • Vehicle Pictograph Output Function
  • High recognition ratio even at night with IR-LED lighting (98% or higher recognition ratio at night)
  • Vehicle speed measurement (error range ±10%)
License Plate Recognition
  • Functional Video Data in Situation Room

    User management, fast data backup (image, Excel), easy search, video zooming, convenient screen composition, alarm for wanted and indicted vehicles, vehicle traffic analysis

  • On-Site Functional Video Data

    License plate recognition (98% or higher recognition rate), detection of all objects (99% or higher detection rate), high recognition ratio at night with IR-LED (98% or higher recognition ratio at night), vehicle speed measurement, various driving pattern shooting function, on-site search function

Speed Measurement
  • Speed measurement is possible by measuring the distance value in the video and getting the value that disappears from the entry of the vehicle.
  • Commonly, the speed may have a +- 10 km/h error.
  • The measured speed is displayed in the lower right corner of the image taken.
  • Vehicle speed measurement system and license plate recognition method (patent No. 10-0863331)
  • Setting screen for speed measurement (distance and measurement area settings)
  • On-site video data (vehicle-daytime)
  • Field Video (vehicle-night)
Object tracking
  • Image acquisition of all objects (people, motorcycles, handcarts, etc.) entering the video area
  • Evidence can be secured in case of emergency criminal conditions and accidents by storing and sorting the frames whenever there is movement.
  • Detecting motorcycles
  • Detecting motorcycles
  • Detecting bicycles
  • Detecting people
  • Detecting people
  • Detecting forklifts
  • Detecting forklifts
Program screen
  • Wanted vehicle check
  • statistical function
  • Zooming function

Possibility to shoot various driving patterns

Application field
  • Traffic camera system

    Quickly detecting stolen vehicles, reported vehicles, etc., grasping the travel routes, quick tracking through alarm signal when shooting the registered wanted vehicles, grasping the flow of road traffic and establish a database

  • Parking camera system

    Installing in areas with heavy traffic to effectively control the flow of traffic and reduce the loss of manpower resources and maintenance costs

  • License-plate recognitive type of parking control system

    Realizing VRM (Vehicle Relationship Management) through quick entry/exit management, parking space guidance/management, parking position control (Internet/MMS), VIP reception, and mileage linkage.

  • Parking control system for disaster prevention

    Statistic calculation and efficient management of used vehicles through MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) in places where disasters are likely to occur, such as public parking lots in rivers.

  • Children Protection Zone

    A system for ensuring the vehicle speed and children's safety by installing it in areas where there are many children, such as schools and kindergartens.