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Key specifications
Power Input Voltage (V) : AC220V / 60Hz
Amp (A) : 15A / 3300W
Output Voltage (V) : AC220V / 60Hz
Amp (A) : 10A / 1000W
Outlet 4Port
Network Ethernet 10/100Base-T Networks
10Mbps Ethernet
RS232 RS-232 Serial Interface
Sensor Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Magnetic Sensor
System requirements Temperature : -10℃ ~ 60℃
Size (width x length x thickness) 300x200x80mm
Main functions Remote control/setting/monitoring using network communications
Local control/ setting /monitoring using serial communications
Automatically reset router equipment according to Internet connection status
Amp measurement: 100 mA unit / over-current detection
Automatic mode function using sensor and time
Door opening detection