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Parking Enforcement System Parking Enforcement System

Parking Enforcement System
  • It is a system for monitoring and cracking down on parked vehicles in a no-parking zone in real time in the traffic situation room, and there are systems that enable fully automatic unmanned crackdown by detection method and that enable semi-automatic direct crackdown.
Automatic Enforcement System
  • Video-based vehicle detection method using adaptive background-based video processing
  • Two-way real-time vehicle detection system with one camera each.
  • Automatic zooming and shotting license plate area of the violation vehicle with camera when there is a violation vehicle detected for all pixels in the video in detection camera
  • Automatic calculation of the continuous parking time to display it on the screen of the detection camera
Semi-Automatic Enforcement System
  • One-click and multiple-click to automatically shoot the first crackdown photo and perform license plate recognition, and automatic reshooting for second crackdown photo with crack down
  • The possibility for center to crack down on 16 sites (cameras) and crackdown for one site by dividing into multiple zones
  • The possibility of multiple enforcement with one-click and multi-click to automatically shoot and crackdown in order of clicks
Main functions
  • Parking enforcement in no-parking zones (automatic/ semi-automatic/manual)
  • Available for two-way 400M crackdown
  • Automatic vehicle quantity detection / automatic license plate recognition
  • Automatic bill issuance
  • Available for on-site status monitoring
  • Automatic text function on electronic display (text notification traffic for violated vehicle)
  • Available for on-site broadcasting (two-way voice support)
Vehicle Enforcement Program Screen
  • Parking Enforcement Screen
  • The largest 16CH operating screen
Data Screen

Available for vehicle enforcement data and statistical data searching

  • Vehicle Enforcement Data
  • Statistical Data