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Vehicle Management Computer(KSP-2000LPR)
  • Vehicle Management Computer
System specifications
System specifications
Operating Window 10 64bit
CPU i5-11400
Resolution 1920*1080
Monitor FULL HD 27“
Using temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Humidity 10% ~ 90%(but without condensation)
System functions
  • The license plate recognizers at all entrances are connected to LAN to receive vehicle numbers and photos.
  • License plate information transmitted by license plate recognizers at all entrances is stored in the database.
  • search for license plates, photos, etc. that entered and exited is available.
  • Even if the manager does not go directly to the site, it can be checked through remote control through P/C.
  • It should be established with a top computer and LAN (TCP/IP PROTOCOL).
  • The manager can manually enter the wrong license plate recognition and manual entry.
  • Using vehicle information stored on the license plate management computer, data such as search and print for the long-term neglected vehicles and statistics by parking is available.
  • For regular vehicles, expired vehicles will be identified and details of the owner and the status of the entry and exit will be printed in detail.